Unparalleled Customer Service & Technical Support

Selecting the right loss prevention solution is just the first step. Implementing your solution and keeping it running properly
require dedicated customer service and knowledgeable, accessible technical support.

We service the equipment
we sell

We service the cameras, recorders and other hardware you purchase or lease from CSS. If there’s a problem, our experienced professionals take care of routine maintenance and emergency service calls.

We continually monitor your deployed system to identify issues like software errors, as well as potential hardware failures that could shut down your system. When a problem occurs, we schedule a service call immediately.

Based on the placement of equipment and your type of business, we will visit at regular intervals and clean equipment to prevent grease or dirt buildup and ensure clear, sharp video footage. At minimum, every CSS customer receives an annual service to clean cameras and peripherals.

Our technical support is U.S.-based

We don’t think third-party call centers or referrals to manufacturers for customer support are the right ways to treat our clients. Our relationship with you is a partnership, a philosophy that’s reflected in our support approach.

Our commitment to meeting your needs begins when you first call CSS and we pair you with a loss prevention consultant who serves as your single point of contact. Your CSS rep handles all aspects of the relationship, from equipment selection and installation to monitoring your business and generating reports.

You know your CSS representative and your rep knows you and your business. Have an equipment or software issue? Call us and we’ll take care of it immediately by scheduling a service call or ordering a replacement. Have questions about your reports, your loss prevention services, or a related topic? Your dedicated CSS rep is an email or phone call away.

Best of all, our technical support experts are in-house and U.S. based so we are always accessible and ready to serve you whenever you need our guidance and expertise.

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