We Work Round-the-Clock to Monitor Your Business
and Gather Information

We then organize and present that information in reports that inform and support your loss prevention decisions.

POS reports

Utilizing point of sale data, each day’s transactions are entered into a log on your loss prevention system and scanned for pre-determined triggers that you select – for example, 10 or more voids in a 30-minute period, $100 bills tendered, or senior discounts granted at 2 a.m.

Your loss prevention system captures and flags incidents as they occur and links them to video footage. In addition to real-time alerts, the results also are compiled in a POS report and emailed to you. This daily report organizes and displays information around each occurrence, enabling you to see how employees behave at the register and ensuring the integrity of POS transactions.

Daily exception reports

Unusual activity often signals a problem. Each day, you receive a report that provides a detailed accounting of exceptional events. Are employees logging into your loss prevention system without authorization? Is there unusual activity in areas where traffic is normally minimal? Are people using the back door when there should not be any activity on that area? Is the temperature too high or low in your cooler? Based on triggers you select, we track events and issue automatic email or text alerts that include links to available video footage. You also can turn event triggers on or off to accommodate normal activity such as lunch or dinner rushes and service calls.

IntelliVIEW brings your loss prevention program into focus

Real-time reporting helps you stay on top of incidents. But a higher-level, longer-term view is equally important for developing an accurate picture of your loss prevention program.

IntelliVIEW – our monthly loss prevention report and performance review – provides that critical longer-term perspective, along with critical information that you need to successfully manage your loss prevention effort and your business.

IntelliVIEW reports use POS data linked to video footage to identify issues and incidents based on criteria you select. IntelliVIEW also measures the performance of your business against other factors such as service times, cleanliness and speed of service. Using data from leading trade and professional organizations, we compare your operations to other local and national businesses of your size and type.


With IntelliVIEW, you get an additional layer of trusted, independent oversight, relieving you of the burden and expense of direct, 24-hour supervision. Your monthly report serves as detailed checkup, complete with supporting evidence.

IntelliVIEW helps you:

  • Audit your locations and your employees’ performance.
  • Streamline your loss prevention effort by focusing on problem areas and incidents.
  • Articulate, quantify and track trends.
  • Zero in on potentially damaging behaviors or situations.
  • Identify and implement solutions quickly.
  • Watch your locations over time so you can monitor the effects of your decisions.

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