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Every business is unique

That’s why we work with you to identify your needs and create a solution that addresses your loss prevention challenges and goals. We provide the right combination of equipment, software and people to protect, and improve, your business. With Connecticut Security Solutions working for you around the clock, you’re free to focus on what you do best – running a successful enterprise.

CSS monitors keys areas of your business including:

  • Points of sale.
  • Doors, loading bays and other entry and exit points.
  • Drive-through operations and lanes.
  • Other high-value areas like coolers, stock rooms and shipping/receiving.
  • Parking areas and adjacent roadways and walkways.

We watch your staff

Do your employees follow proper procedures and store policies? Are they observing your rules for smoking, cell phone use and breaks? We monitor your business to ensure that employees do their jobs the right way. You can see if they are properly attired and groomed, obey established rules, follow safe food handling and preparation practices, and keep the premises clean and free from hazards. You can verify that they secure offices or other areas where you keep money and sensitive information.

Just as important, you can observe them as they interact with customers. Microphone-equipped cameras placed in key locations also let you hear the interaction, so you can see the results of your training and other policies in action, or identify and address customer service problems before they negatively affect your business.

We watch your business for theft

Whether the problem is shoplifting, a dine-and-dash incident or individuals harassing customers or employees, our high-definition cameras capture and record trouble as it occurs. We will provide you with clear, sharp images that authorities can use to identify perpetrators, along with shots of license plates from cameras placed in your parking lot that you can use to support prosecution efforts.

Our system also captures evidence of employee, supplier or contractor theft or deception. Are contractors venturing into unauthorized areas? Is an employee using a rear entrance far too frequently, and for what purpose? We work with you to establish parameters for normal behavior and monitor your premises for exceptions to acceptable patterns. We use your discount and couponing policies to set video recorder thresholds. We monitor register activity and use POS system data to spot abnormal discounts, voids and other questionable activity.

When problems occur, we flag and report them in real time, enabling you to step in quickly and decisively.

We monitor customer and employee safety

Are your employees wearing proper clothing and footwear? Do they follow safe procedures for lifting heavy objects, and maintain and operate equipment in accordance with established policies? Do they engage in horseplay or other unsafe behavior in the workplace?

Your loss prevention system lets you monitor, document and correct safety issues before they result in injury, physical damage or other problems. You can verify that employees, suppliers and contractors are properly attired, use protective equipment and gear, and observe both company and government-mandated safety procedures and regulations. You can make sure that employees place signs in freshly mopped areas to prevent slip-and-fall accidents, and that spills in the kitchen are cleaned up immediately.

If you receive an injury claim, you also can access archived footage to determine if and when the injury occurred and protect your business against fraudulent claims.

A tip line lets employees be part of the solution

Most employees work hard and want your business to succeed. Like you, they want to avoid problems that could affect their jobs.

As part of your CSS loss prevention system, we provide a tip line that enables employees to report incidents or problems anonymously. We investigate every tip and provide you with our findings so you can take appropriate action.

Your tip line helps employees watch over your business.

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