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How much does a Connecticut Security Solutions loss prevention system cost?

Your system’s cost is based on several factors including the hardware and specific services you choose.  We offer a variety of options that enable you to best match equipment and services to your unique needs and budget.  And we clearly list all costs, fees and taxes included in your service agreement and monthly invoice.

Can I purchase the equipment for my system?

While we permit outright purchases of equipment, you gain several benefits when you incorporate the cost of cameras, recorders and microphones into your services contract.  A fixed, predictable monthly cost makes your loss prevention services more predictable and affordable.  In addition, you have the option of updating your system hardware when you renew your services contract with us, so you always have the latest, most advanced equipment watching over your business.

Can I install purchased equipment myself?

To ensure proper performance and maintain full warranty coverage, all hardware must be installed by our trained and certified technicians. This protects you and your equipment should any problems occur during the warranty period.

What is the return on investment (ROI) for a CSS loss prevention system purchase?

The average ROI varies between 3% and 10% per month.  You will begin to notice an improvement in financial performance within 6 months of installing your loss prevention system.  In addition to hard costs, our clients also see other soft-cost benefits such as better customer service and satisfaction, higher employee morale, more upselling and a safer work environment.  You also gain new resources for important activities like employee training.

Can you utilize my existing hardware with one of your systems?

We can integrate some brands of analog cameras and microphones into our systems. However, we do not warranty or service any equipment unless it is purchased directly from CSS.

Can I trade in and receive credit for my existing surveillance equipment?

Depending on age and brand, in most cases we offer a discount for the purchase of new equipment from CSS when you also trade in a competitor’s equipment.

Can I set up different levels of access to my CSS loss prevention system?

Yes.  As your system’s administrator, you determine the level of access and privileges for any employees you authorize to use the system.

Is my CSS loss prevention system PCI/DSS compliant?

Yes.  All of our loss prevention systems are fully Payment Card Industry/Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS) compliant and protected.

How long will it take to install one of your systems?

Installs typically take 1 to 2 days. Several variables can increase or decrease the time of installs including the number of cameras and recorders or the number of locations.

Can video captured by your system be used as evidence?

Yes.  All video recorded by our systems is watermarked and time- and date-stamped, and is admissible as evidence.  Our loss prevention systems help to deter theft and other illegal activity.  If an incident occurs, your CSS system helps you document it, identify perpetrators, and support prosecution efforts or your defense against injury or other damage claims. CSS also will secure your original video files and provide copies to authorities, so you don’t lose valuable evidence.

Do you offer remote storage options in case my equipment is stolen or damaged?

Depending on the services you select, video and audio can be automatically downloaded to and stored on our secure server, so it is available if needed.  Our cloud storage option provides another convenient alternative for backing up and preserving video and audio files that also are fully accessible from your client login page.

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