Associations & Certifications

Connecticut Security Solutions is a member in good standing of leading industry and business organizations.
Through our affiliations with these groups, we keep current with industry trends, issues, best practices and technologies.
Most important, our solutions comply fully with your industry’s standards for privacy and data security.


Membership in RLPSA provides access to wide-ranging expertise and information on industry trends, issues, best practices and other loss prevention resources. Our clients benefit from the shared expertise of professionals who understand the challenges of the job and are dedicated to developing solutions.


As a member of the National Restaurant Association, we gain access to essential information on industry standards, performance data and other information that allow us to better understand trends, compare your business to local, regional and national businesses of the same size and scope, and help you make decisions that improve your performance and bottom line.

These organizations help us stay current on technology, support our local business community, and demonstrate our commitment to meeting technical, ethical and other standards that matter to our customers and to us.

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