Secure, Offsite Storage & Archiving Safeguard Your Information

In addition to footage and audio captured on your onsite recorders, we provide a variety of storage options to
protect crucial records and extend the value of your loss prevention system.

Even if your on-site equipment is damaged or stolen, our backup services protect your files.

Incident archiving
ensures the availability
of important files

When a theft, accident or other incident occurs, video and audio files can help protect you and your business, and identify guilty parties as well as verify eyewitness accounts.

When there’s an incident, we tag and archive all relevant video footage and audio files and store them offsite on our secure servers, so the information is available to you or your authorized representative. Video footage is time-stamped and watermarked so it is tamper-proof and legally admissible in court proceedings. You can select and archive any incident that could affect your business.

Archiving has other positive uses. For example, it helps organize and support your training efforts – you can store footage of customer incidents that were managed well by employees, and use the video to orient and train new hires or implement best practices.

Offsite backup prevents
data loss

Each day, all video footage and accompanying audio recorded by your cameras are automatically transmitted to our data center and stored on our servers. Your information is stored on a secure partition and is available only to you or your authorized representative. You decide how long to store footage – 30, 60 or 90 days – based on your needs.

Remote storage provides an extra layer of protection in case onsite recorders are damaged or stolen. It also enables both you and CSS to review video and audio files offline, ensuring peak operation of your onsite system.

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